I would like to help you understand a bit more about the Volume of your next Surfboard

Volume is another way of describing the size of a surfboard put simply if you were to submerge a surfboard in a tank of liquid the volume is how much liquid the surfboard would disperse, seeing as they are a lot more different surfboard designs these day’s the volume can explain the difference between two surfboard of the same length but different shapes. For example a performance shortboard 6ft in length might have about 28ltr volume while a 6ft shortboard designed to ride smaller mushy surf might have a volume of more like 34ltr.

Confused? don’t worry i can help…

Lets start from the beginning as a learner surfer

We all start out on big boards of one shape or another the way we used to measure you up was to match you up with a surfboard around 2ft taller than yourself this would give you an ideal starting volume and give you a board that you could feel your toes on the tail, a great help with your position when starting out. Now because there are so many different shapes to choose from i can simply calculate the volume of your first surfboard using your weight in KG divided by 1.75 ie. 98kg divided by 1.75 = 56ltr around the size of an 8ft Minimal shape.

How to calculate the volume on your next surfboard!

As discussed above a learner should divide there body weight in kg by 1.75 to give the approx ltrs then when you are looking to improve and drop onto a smaller board you could try this.

Learner divide weight by 1.75

Intermediate divide weight by 2 or 2.25 depending on your ability

Your first shortboard divide weight by 2.25 to 2.5 again depending on ability

Advanced surfer divide by 2.75 Shortboard volume

All the above do depend on a few points, ability, age, fitness and how often you surf, it always makes sense to me to go with a little more volume and catch more waves than try and go to small to fast, as a surfer in my 50s i have added 2 ltrs extra volume to my favorite shortboard giving me more waves and more fun without the pressure so take it from me foam is your friend and there is no point having that flashy small shortboard under your arm if you struggle with it.