All of my surfboards are produced with the best quality materials i can get my hands on, I am first and foremost a surfer so when i started Northern Dawn Surfboards I pledged to only build quality surfboards that i would be happy to purchase myself.

Cooly Wierdy

Cooly Weirdy Superfused EPS blank, glassed in Innnegra Epoxy Surfboard skin.


Constructing Surfboards can be very time consuming, each Surfboard gets my full attention to detail and quality, my Surfboards are not the  Cheapest around but my price is due to the quality of the materials i use and the extra time I will spend Shaping, glassing and finishing every new Custom Surfboard.

Aerialite fibreglass


Innegra Cloth

Surfboard Blanks by Marko foam

Epoxy Resin Systems

Epoxy Resins

EPS Surfboard Blanks

Entrophy resins

Above is just a few of the new and established brands producing the best quality materials for Surfboard manufacture, better for the consumer and for the Planet due to the new Eco Friendly resins and recycled Surfboard Blanks at ND Surfboards i am trying to push the use of better quality Surfboards, Boards that last longer lasting due to the high level of quality in the production and the outstanding materials used ( check out the new EPS / INNEGRA construction, lighter, stronger and much more performance.)

Surfboard Construction types available:

Standard Poly or Poly carbon  construction

PU blank  – Epoxy resin construction

EPS blank  –  Epoxy Carbon construction

PU blank  –  Innegra Epoxy construction

EPS blank   – Epoxy Innegra construction

EPS blank   – Hemp Super Sap constuction

Surf Punk, Superfused EPS blank glassed in Epoxy Carbon skin.

Please don’t hesitate to give me a ring to discuss your next custom surfboard, the Surfboards construction is as important as what surfboard shape you would like. I would like your next Surfboard to match your expectations of quality and affordability… Thank You!


Eco surfboards UK

Recycled Surfboard core, re-glassed in Hemp cloth using Bio Epoxy Resin and recycled wooded fin, contains no plastic!

Steve Parks