Custom Single fin Surfboards UKThe Joemadillo Surfboard is a Retro Style Single fin  Shortboard i designed for a Customer who liked the look of the Armadillo Single fin but wanted me to put my spin on it!


Retro Shortboard Surfboards

Custom order Joemadillo with half top deck cotton inlay

 Available to from 6ft6″ to 7ft the Joemadillo is a midrange Shortboard fully handcrafted to your spec,  very powerful to ride in anything from 3ft to overhead surf. The single fin pintail combination makes a great surfboard for them bigger heavy days with plenty of volume to give you maximum paddle power and early entry while the business end is focused on performance and drive.

They say you only learn to surf with style when you learn to ride a singlefin surfboard, thats due to the extra power through the turns, carving wide lines on the face of the wave, taking steep drops easily! The Joemadillo is a Retro looking single fin but with a lot of more modern features.

The Joemadillo Surfboard Features include single to double concave bottom, thinner more shortboard style downed rails, less volume than a standard retro surfboard, easier to duck dive and get out back, full custom order service so we build the best possible board for your spec and for your Surf, each Joemadillo comes with a 7.5″ TK Flex single fin by Rainbow fin co. Resin artwork and cotton inlays are available, standard dimensions are 6ft8″ x 21″ x 2 3/4″ order a thinner and narrower board if you want a more performance shape or order a fatter, longer or thicker board if you want a more retro feel, you can also order this shape with side bytes or as a thruster fin option in either Future or FCS11 fin setup.

Price starts at £399.99 for a Custom handshaped Joemadillo in plain white aerialite fibreglass Phone: 07789764475 email

Retro Single fin Surfboards, the Joemadillo