Why not have me design you a one off Mid Length Surfboard to your spec, we can agree on the design before i take it into the shaping bay to hand shape your new Board.

Classic single fin surfboardsI have loads of already proven designs that you could just alter to your size or we could start from scratch with a new Single fin design that is unique to you i always say if you are going to get a Custom Surfboard then make it a unique board.

Mid range single fin surfboards

How do i order a Custom Single fin Surfboard?

First up i need your age, surfing ability, your weight in KG and your fitness level including any injuries or problems your have with joints. Next you could give me a description of the Surfboard your after it could be a squash tail or Pintail , it could be a size or volume your after and were the surfboard is to be surfed. After this i will email your a few designs that i think may suit you, these can be altered till we agree on a profile like the one below, this gives me a plan of your board to work from in the shaping bay so i can get the volume and dimensions as close as i can for you. The Size can range from about 6ft8″ to 8ft in length so everyone should have something to choose from..

Custom Single fin Surfboard

How Much does a Custom Single fin Surfboard cost?

Price starts at £469.99 for a Custom hand shaped Single Surfboard fin in plain white aerialite fibreglassthis includes a single fin and delivery UK mainland.

Phone: 07789764475 email

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