Longboards UK, Zulu

The Zulu Longboard a slim fast multi fin setup Longbaord for cruising on small days to charging on big days, 100% hand shaped to your spec…

The first thing you realize is the unusual shape, not like any other UK Longboard, it’s design is all about the Surf not the Shape, the Pintail fits you deep inside and maintains fantastic hold and speed for a Long board while allowing it to be loose on the turns, very exiting to ride in 3ft to double overhead! This is not a noserider it has a thinned down nose and is more rear foiled its purpose is to get you out back on heavy days, its designed for speed down the line and can handle some very tight turns with a large tapered pintail and single to double concave bottom with pinched almost egg shaped rails for deep wave penetration. Unlike other Longboard Surfboards this board will drop in late and tuck right in to the sweet spot in steep surf while feeling very responsive to your feet, there is no walking the board or stalling needed, your in, your carving, just ride it like you would a much shorter board.Zulu#9 Longboard Surfboard

Custom Hand shaped Longboards UKThe Zulu is available in custom sizes from 8ft to 9ft, Fin Setup is also customised to your needs

We have had this longboard out in 2ft normal surf to way overhead pumping surf its so fast on big days in fact we have not come up with a wave it will not take on and win yet. Check this video out of a recent session up Northumberland in double overhead Surf!

Amazingly Priced from £639.99 plain white with fins.

Enquiries for ZULU #9 longboard surfboards please ring : 07789764475

Emai: steve.ndsurfboards@gmail.com  for sales go to www.ndsurfstore.co.uk

A little edit from a small 2-3ft surf at Saltburn on the Zulu#9