SQUAD ( simmons Hybrid )

The Squad is a Mini Simmons Hybrid Funboard, very fast and fun to ride in all types of conditions.Funboard Surfboards, The Squad

This Surfboard is one of the best Funboard Hybrid Surfboard Shapes on the market today, its design makes this a great all round one board quiver.  The Design of the Squad all started with an idea of a more Fish like Rocker Mini Simmons board which would have the skatey feel of a Simmons but with more hold in the Tail. I wanted a Surfboard that could handle any surf you come across in the UK up to about 8ft while still being an easy fun surfboard to ride, what i achieved was to set a bench mark for Funboards in the UK, the Squad is so good i have sold more over the years than all of my other boards put together.The Squad, Funboard Surfboard

Squad Surfboard Shape design Features

Why is this then, well due to our own secret hull and rail design we have managed to make a Surfboard that will deliver the thrust of a Shortboard with the wave catching ability of a Longboard, there are a few things going on in this design, first it creates a lot more lift than the volume dictates the board lifts and slides on the water giving a very fast and fun ride. Second we designed the hull of the board to deal with turbulent water flow more effectively cleaning up the ride quality and giving the rider a greater feel for the wave face this is due to the bottom belly of the board and the extra cant on the fins, last is the rails, the rails on the Squad change from soft to boxed to hard the boxed section being the point of the board were it turns this means that the Squad will turn 180% on the spot without any loss of speed you can race off back down the wave the way you came.

Custom Surfboard with Future fin setup

Fitting Future fins to a Custom Squad

Squad Funboard Custom Sizes and Fin Setups

The Squad has and always will be a fully 100% hand shaped design so volume may vary slightly.

At 6ft2″ x 22″ x 3″ you get around 43ltr but with this you get as much lift as a board at least 1ft longer even more depending how experienced you are.

Waves beaches and reefs from 2ft to 8ft

Surfer beginner to advanced

Sizes length 5ft8″, 5ft10″, 6ft, 6ft2″, 6ft6″,  6ft10″, width custom from 21″ to 23″, thickness from 2 1/2″ to 3 1/4″

Fin setup:  Quad + single fin or Quad + thruster fin in FCS or Future

Priced from £395.00 at 5ft8″- 6ft2″ and from £440.00 at 6ft6″- 6ft10″

Volume 6ft2″ x 22″ x 2 1/2″ = 39ltr, 6ft2″ x 22″ x 2 3/4″ = 41ltr, 6ft2″ x 22″ x 3″ = 43ltr

You may be lucky to find one or two in our Surf Store if not order your Custom Squad Surfboard and get a great package deal for the Summer including Cotton and Carbon Inlays, Resin tints or artwork plus we now sell our own Squad Surfboard Sock/bag to find out more give us a ring : 07789764475 or drop us an Email:


Custom Squad Surfboards UK

New Squad with Future fin setup, light weight Aerialite and Vectornet Fibreglass


Custom Squad Surfboard