Minimals can be the ideal board for you to learn on…

The Minimal Surfboard is Probably the most popular Shape on the planet. Why because they are ideal to learn to surf on, you need a stable platform with plenty of volume that will take you from learning to pop up to trimming down the line.

The name Minimal comes from a Mini Malibu design the Malibu being a longboard design is big and bulky and to chunky to learn on so Minimals are designed to give you stability and control with maximum wave count but not the huge size of a Longboard this gives you the perfect platform to learn to Surf on. My standard Learner Surfboard has helped loads of new Surfers on there way, each Board is Custom made to meet the Customers spec. because i believe it is very important to start off your journey with the right equipment. All the Beginner Boards  i produce are glassed to last, lets be honest you are going to fall many many times while you learn to Surf so you want a surfboard that can last the pace.  A Custom order Minimal can come in a variety of different styles and configurations so it’s sometimes best to speak to me before you order your new surfboard, a popular minimal model is the one pictured which comes usually with a  square or squash and the most popular fin setup is the Future Fin Thruster setup.

Features include single to double concave through the tail for maximum stability and drive, above standard glassing, Aerialite fibreglass or S glass, Future fin setup for strength, includes fins.

Waves 2ft to 6ft

Surfer Beginner to intermediate

Sizes from 7ft4″ to 7ft10″ i also do a kids Custom Minimal option from 6ft

Priced from £529.99  07789764475 for more info.


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