Around 80% of the Boards i produce are Custom Built Surfboards, it could be the full Design or just the Artwork that makes your next Surfboard unique to you!

Custom Surfboards

A Custom Board is a Surfboard designed and built to your spec, it could be an already proven design or a one off build, it could be a Custom resin tint or some artwork the main thing is that you receive the right advice and customer service so you can choose the right surfboard for yourself! 80% of the Surfboards i produce are Custom builds and this is the work i really enjoy doing, being creative is the reason why i love my job as a Surfboard manufacturer.

How does a Custom Surfboard begin it’s design?

Well with all the latest technology available i can design and build you a Custom Board to meet your specific needs, during the design phase we can either use an already popular template to shape you a Surfboard or i can use the latest 3D software on a computer to create a Plan and a images for you to take a look at, we can even add some color, artwork, logos and fin boxes so you can really see the surfboard before we start to either hand shape or machine your board, the Custom aspect of your surfboard may be the artwork, finish or the construction used. We have a wide variety of options available, from Poly, Epoxy to Hemp and Innegra glassing for your new Board, it’s best to talk this through with me to get the right skin for your Surfboard, all of these different skin types having different properties which may or may not suit the board you are after.

But don’t worry i will keep you right!Custom Surfboard design

Some ideas to think about when ordering your Custom Surfboards

The Shape: what type of surfboard are you after this includes your ability and the type of waves you like to surf

Size: It’s very important to get the right size Board i can help you out with this by calculating the right volume or giving you some advice on how the board will perform at different sizes.

Artwork: Feel free to email any ideas on artwork and resin tints you find on the internet, you could even do a drawing of the board, it does not have to be a work of art as long as i have a good idea of the colors and design.

Construction: These days there is a lot of construction options available from normal Poly to vacuum bagged Eco construction so feel free to discuss the options.

Time frame: It takes about 4 weeks to produce your custom surfboard so give yourself plenty of time to order, things can go wrong when waiting for materials and delays do happen.

First have a good think and browse for the type of Surfboard you are after this includes, size, type, finish, color, fins etc. and don’t forget to tell us about any boards you are riding now ie. what you like about a board or your riding ability. Second we need a deposit from you of between £100 to £200 depending on the size and style of your board, this enables us to order materials for your build, we like to use PayPal for our deposits so you can add a little note to the payment page with the board specs and finish, this is a good way of ensuring there is no confusion later on. Lastly you will receive plenty of photo’s of your board being built , we will contact you near completion with a date for shipping, this is when final payment is made for your Surfboard (before shipping) note that bank transfers take at least 2 days to clear and your board will not be shipped until the funds have cleared.

We understand that you may have to make a late payment due to your circumstances and will give leeway of up to 2 weeks for final payment. After this, a charge may be added of 2% to the final payment to cover any costs we incur due to late payment.  After 4weeks a charge of 5% will be added. Regrettably if you have been unable to make full and final payment after 2 months, we reserve the right to sell your board to recoup any losses we have incurred.

Contact Steve: to discuss your custom order surfboard!

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