Noseriding a Longboard

The Classic Longboard ( LOG)

Just like most of my Surfboard Shapes i designed this traditional Longboard or Log for a Customer, it’s an all out Noserider with less emphasis on the performance side of Longboarding and more on stability and glide, it’s a traditional design with three staged rocker for cross stepping and hang tens down the line, a pure joy to trim…

To cut a long story short we decided to go with a more traditional shaped Longboard Surfboard that relies more on the rails, bottom hull and most importantly the rocker for it’s ability to noseride, not so nimble but steady and cruisy down the line with the ability to get even a novice surfer some tip time.  This Longboard has a very shallow Nose Concave, it simply does not need to increase lift in the nose due to the 3 staged rocker design which gives balance and trim while holding the fin in the water.

Custom sizes from 9ft to 10ft, 3 staged rocker design, Lower rockered nose with light single concave and slight hull, hulled flat section in the center for stable noseriding and smooth trimming, V through the tail section with plenty of rocker and extra kick to help hold while your toes are on the nose. The rails are 50/50 round with a slight edge through the tail to help this big Longboard turn.

Surfer: Suitable for any surfer

A 9ft6″ Classic Longboards Price starts at £749.99 shipping not included

Give me a Ring: 07789764475  with any questions or advice, i am only to pleased to help!

Classic Longboard Profile