The Pod is a beefed up Shortboard ideal for the surfer who is heading towards a smaller board but not quite ready for a full on shortboard yet.

Funboards and Shortboards UK

A large volume Shortboard designed and built for the fun factor in surfing, lets face it for most of us surfing is about fun in the waves, most of us will struggle with the more performance Surfboard shapes so i decided to make a Funboard for the masses, the weekend warrior’s or just like myself the slightly larger surfer! Essentially this is a beefed up version of the Bandit Shortboard with extra volume throughout the foil and rails but retaining a lot of the performance aspects of a Shortboard. This makes it a great first shortboard to learn to handle a shorter faster shape, a mid sized board or missing link between beginner and intermediate surfing

The Pod Funboard has some very interesting features and is now available in Thruster – Quad fin setup

A full wide outline, lowered nose rocker and straighter rail line gives this Surfboard speed and amazing wave catching ability.  It’s generous volume helps the intermediate surfer get more waves and more time on the wave enabling the surfer to progress towards there goals a lot quicker, it uses the same deep double concave bottom and rails as the very popular Bandit Shortboard giving you rail to rail surfing and plenty of grip on the turns. The Pod is a good step down from a Longboard or Minimal especially if you are after using this design to take you towards being a more advanced surfer.

Lets look at the Pod Shortboard in more detail

Bottom contours are slight hulled nose to deep double concave from under the chest right out of the tail. rounded diamond tail with slightly thicker shortboard style rails, the rocker is lowered in the nose but shortboard rocker through the tail for easy take off but performance off the back foot. All this together makes this a real fun board  to ride in any wave from 1ft to 6ft, it would make a great summer addition to your quiver or a must if you are a bit bigger but don’t want to give up any performance.

The Pod comes with Future or FCS11 fin system

Thruster – Quad fin setup and comes with all 5 fins

Waves: 1ft to 6ft

Surfer: beginner to intermediate


6ft X 20″ X 2 3/4″            37ltr

6ft4″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 3/4″   40ltr

6ft8″ x 21″ x 2 3/4″          42ltr

Custom orders available to suit your spec, just email me your details and i will send you a plan of the Pod size i recommend for you!

Price starts at £529.99 plus shipping

To order your Pod

Ring: 07789764475

Email: steve.ndsurfboards@gmail.com