Surfboards come in all shapes and sizes and the basic templates can be tweaked to suit your needs that’s why i offer a full Custom service.

At ND Surfboards i produce Longboards, Minimals for the learners, Shortboards for the more advanced surfer, Fish, Mid Lengths, Mini Simmons etc. All Custom built with care so you can enjoy your surfing for years to come..

What you can see on the site pages below is only a fraction of the Surfboards i produce. so have a browse at the many surfboards i produce and if you need a little help just give me a call 07789764475. I offer many different types of construction and artwork from standard PU to the new Eco friendly Hemp surfboards, you can have resin tints or some spray artwork on your new board. All of my surfboard shapes have been tried and tested over the years by myself and my close colleagues in the surf industry to ensure the quality of the ride and durability of the construction.

Mid Length surfboardsCustom Surfboards are available from £449.99 just message me with your inquiry and i will send you a design and a price for your next Board…

If you are struggling with buying your next surfboard don’t be afraid to email me with a question no matter what it is i are only to happy to help!

Here are a few regular questions asked:

What volume do i need?     What type of surfboard for my ability?   How long does a Custom order surfboard take to build?  What fin setup do you recommend?

You can either contact us direct on: 07789764475 or email us on: