Surfboards for sale UKLongboards, Minimal, Shortboards, Fish, Hybrid, Retro, Mini Simmons, Funboard Surfboards you name it we can build it, you could either choose or alter one of our already fully tested designs or discuss a one off new shape, either way we put our heart and soul into every Surfboard we make!

Cooly Wierdy

Cooly Weirdy Superfused EPS blank, glassed in Innnegra Epoxy Surfboard skin.

What you will see on the site pages below is only a fraction of the Surfboard Shapes we produce in the UK, we only have room on our site for the regular selling boards but we have plenty of more Surfboard designs and a lot more to come in the future!

Eco Surfboard constructionIf you are struggling with buying your next surfboard don’t be afraid to email us with a question no matter what it is we are only to happy to help!

Here are a few regular questions asked:

What volume do i need?     What type of surfboard for my ability?   How long does a Custom order surfboard take to build?  What fin setup do you recommend?

You can either contact us direct on: 07789764475 or email us on:

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