The Hound Dog my most popular all round Longboard Surfboard Shape

It takes a mix of features form our Classic Longboard, fused together with a more performance template giving you a lighter more responsive feel and a much more all round performance Log.

With a slimmer profile and 1+2 fin setup with pin tail you get a lighter more maneuverable Longboard, the bottom contours are the same as the Classic with a light nose concave to V belly and hulled through the tail, the difference is in the rocker the Hound dog has a more constant rocker design than the classic with a reduction in the 3 staged hull of the classic this retains most of the nose riding capability while giving more versatility and turning ability.All round longboards

The Hound Dog is a great all rounder, it is smooth to ride with the ability to take a late takeoff, it turns easily and generates speed down the line with a stable feel that make you want to head for the nose at every opportunity, size wise it is a Custom order design so i can alter to your spec the board pictured is a 9ft x 22″ x 2.8″ @65ltr.with more performance rails.

The New Hound Dog Square TailI absolutely love this new version of the Hound Dog, it’s such a nice wave catching Longboard, very easy to ride it just seems to want to trip forever. Obviously the main difference is the wide hipped Square tail which gives you a great pivot point for your turns and holds well as you noseride but you also have a reduction in the rails to keep the volume of the board down while giving a bit more wave penetration. This version excels in 1-4ft waves as a single fin is great to learn a bit of board walking and nose riding. This would make a great Log for any surfer from beginner to advanced.

A typical size would be 9ft4″ x 22.5″ x 2.8″ 69ltrs but it’s totally custom ordered so i can run you up a profile before you order.

Price for a Custom Hound Dog Longboard starts at £759.99. For this you get a stunning Longboard with resin tints and polished finish plus a quality Single fin.