The Mini Simmons Planning hull design has to be one of my most favorite Surfboards to ride…

Mini Simmons Surfboards

Sea Monster Mini Simmons built in Eco construction, Recycled EPS core, Hemp skin, Supersap bio Epoxy resin and glass on Keel fins with a leash loop. No plastic!

First created by Joe Bauguess It’s an unusual design with it’s own stylish ride quality in the right conditions you can’t beet the speed and loose fell of the Mini Simmons Surfboard. You basically could cut all the surfboards down into two types, the Displacement Hull and the Planning Hull the displacement hull cutting through the water while the Mini Simmons Planning hull rides on top of the water giving you that loose skating feel.

Mini Simmons Twin fin

Mini Simmons in standard PU Construction with resin tinted glass on Keel fins and Leash loop.

When i first started shaping surfboards i was amazed by the complex design of the Mini Simmons to someone who does not build surfboards it looks plain and flat with very little curve but it’s actually one of the hardest Surfboards to hand shape, once learned this design leads to a whole new series of shapes or planning hulls which might look different but they all have the same math of the Mini Simmons in common.

Eco Mini Simmons, The Sea MonsterI always Hand Shape my Mini Simmons Surfboards, you always get a one off Simmons designed for you, features include the parallel outline, wide nose with hulled bottom, S deck, low rocker with almost flat belly, various bottom contours available, various tail styles available and i can either hand shape you a set of glass on Mini Simmons Twin Fins or you can choose from a variety of fin styles with Future or FCS boxes.

Price for a Custom Mini Simmons Surfboard Hand shaped with hand shaped simmons keel fins to you speck starts at around £499.99 plus shipping

Make sure you check out the Thing if you want something that’s a little bit different than your traditional Mini Simmons Surfboards…..