Eco Mini Simmons, The Sea Monster

5ft5″ Sea Monster Mini Simmons glassed in my Eco Hemp construction using Hemp cloth and a hemp leash loop therefore using no plastics

The Sea Monster is a Hand Shaped Simmons planning hull surfboard design. It is available to order as a Mini Simmons right up to the Long Simmons version at 8-9ft. This design is such an exciting board to ride it’s fast and surprisingly loose as you carve it from the tail, very early entry on take off you can ride this board in 1ft waves to about head high it will handle steep waves but it does take a bit of practice as the nose rocker is low, the Long Simmons version is super fast and turns on a dime and can dominate a line up even out paddling the Longboards.

Riding the Sea Monster Long Simmons

Here I’m Riding my Long Simmons Sea Monster at a local beach break..

I have been shaping planning hulls since i started decades ago it’s probably my favorite type of surfboard to ride, as a larger surfer i struggled to find a board that was short with enough volume for me so i incorporated the planning hull into a lot of my early shapes giving me more lift from the hull.

Simmons planning hull surfboard

8ft 6″ Sea Monster Long Simmons

When i first started shaping surfboards i was amazed by the complex design of the Simmons Planning Hull design, to someone who does not build surfboards it looks plain and flat with very little curve but it’s actually a very advanced surfboard design even today the Simmons hull has been incorporated into many of the latest modern boards to create more speed and lift.The features of the Sea Monster include the parallel outline, 3 stage rocker with a carefully placed flat section under your feet, hulled nose to Hydro hulled belly, S deck and Square or Squash tail styles available. The Sea monster comes only as a glass on fins surfboard this is because this design works very well with the hand shaped Simmons keel fins pictured.

Price for a Custom Sea Monster Surfboard with hand shaped Simmons keel fins to you speck starts at around £549.99 plus shipping.