Surfboards UK, The GO-BOTThe GO-BOT, a fantastic little Funboard Surfboard

It’s packed with performance, it’s designed as a crossover between a Fish and a Shortboard with plenty of volume, shortboard characteristics and new light weight construction which means more waves = more fun. This little Surfboard will deliver a fun surf every time while still being able to perform in steeper more hollow waves…

FunboardsThe GO-BOT Surfboard Features a wide round nose template with Thumbtail, Single concave throughout with a slight hulled nose and a slight V to the tail, it comes as standard 5 fin FCS11 Tri/Quad setup, it’s a 100% hand shaped design built using a light weight Marko foam recycled EPS blank, PU Construction is also available see price below. Shortboard style rails, lowered nose rocker and a nice even foil give the GO-BOT a bit of edge so it will surf in many different conditions, this really is a joy to ride and gives a new dimension to the fun summer waves.


As i said the GO-BOT Surfboard is a hand shaped design so sizes are to be discussed with the shaper, typical sizes include:

5ft10″ x 22″ x 2 3/4″ @40ltr

5ft6″ x 21 1/2″” x 2 1/2″   @34ltr

Waves: 1ft to 6ft

Rider: Intermediate to advanced


PU / CARBON plain white with carbon tapes, FCS11 Tri/Quad, Matt finish £399.99

EPS / EPOXY 100% recycled Marko foam blank, plain white epoxy matt finish £449.99

EPS / INNEGRA 100% recycled Marko foam blank, Innegra Epoxy skin, sprayed rails, matt finish £499.99

Funboard Surfboards UK, The Go-Bot

GO-BOT Hand shaped from 100% recycled EPS foam, glassed in Epoxy carbon skin…