The Thing Surfboard is an advanced planning hull design capable of so much more than a standard Min Simmons..

Not only does this Simmons Hybrid have the usual Planning hull ride quality but this Surfboard can really perform in all sorts of surf conditions, it’s a unique design that has a ride quality all on it’s own it turns and rides more like a performance board with grip that would rival a Thruster fin board rather than a twin fin.

Simmons Surfboards

The Thing features a lot of Simmons and Fish cross over design aspects with a little more rocker and it’s own unique fin placementMini Simmons, The ThingThe features of the Thing Surfboard are similar to a traditional Simmons in volume and foil, wide parallel outline and wide tail but that’s were it ends, i designed the Thing around the fin placement and the fins, i wanted to create something that could really surf and not have the twitchy tail, you just surf this board like a more performance twin fin it has a lot more grip and drive and can handle some very steep sections easily.

The Thing Features include a diamond nose with Hydro-hull bottom, wide bat tail with double channel concave out of the tail, specially designed Thing rails for deep wave penetration in fact the surfboard is designed for lift and speed while still having great control you can really rip this Surfboard off the wave face, it really is quite a Thing to ride…Mini Simmons, The Thing

The thing is available as a Custom order only, it is available in sizes from 5ft4″ to 6ft2″ comes with a set of Future keel fins, price starts from £529.99 plus shipping.