The Drifter

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My favorate addition to my Longboards section, the Drifter is a small light performance Longboard available in sizes from 8ft to 9ft, ideal if you want a Surfboard that is nimble and maneuverable yet still has potential for toes on the nose. Rail to rail surfing at its best a true single fin experience with bells on.Performance Longboards

At 8ft x 21″ x 3″ it only has 55ltr volume but is still capable of cheater 5 and 10s, while being very easy to through around in decent surf, amazing wave catching ability you can surf the Drifter in anything from 2ft to overhead + Surf, single fin only on this one it does not need side bytes for hold, bottom is a light nose concave to a hulled V through the whole board it rides smooth and fast. The Drifter is a great all round Longboard shape being totally fun to ride without the weight and size of a Log.Drifter Longboard Surfboard

Available in PU or EPS construction, you can have it either CNC machine shaped or fully hand shaped by myself, Either Future or Fcs Fin setup, Price for a Drifter Longboard starts at £489.99

Custom sales 07789764475 or check out Surf Store below…

 You wont be disappointed in a Drifter..

9ft Drifter with 1+2 fin setup

Longboards UK, The Drifter

Drifter Custom glassed in red resin swirl.