The Ocillator Mid Length

This is the Ocillator a single fin Surfboard i am always very keen to Surf, it ride it fast and loose off the wide pintail, it glides and turns from rail to rail with ease to give you that classic Single fin feel.

Effortlessly it flows from section to section allowing you to penetrate the wave with the thin rear rails giving you maximum speed on the trim while griping in even hollow surf. This is one of my favorite Surfboards to ride in all types of surf. I have surfed mine in waves from 1ft to overhead with the comfort that comes from the little extra foam under foot you get the speed and drive of a more modern performance board.

Surfboards UK

Designed originally to go with the new Hemp Eco Construction which delivers a lighter and more buoyant surfboard i also now produce it in normal PU or Epoxy construction depending on your needs, the Ocillator is a Hand shaped Surfboard it’s the type of Surfboard i love to Hand Shape. Bottom contours are Hulled from the nose to V in the tail with thin rails and a slight rear foil. This Surfboard is a true joy to ride maybe not for everyone but for me it’s exactly what a good single fin should feel like.

Custom Sizes are available from 6ft10″ to 7ft10″

Construction can be either PU or EPS  Blank with either Standard fibreglass, Innegra or Hemp skin

Price for an Ocillator including a single fin starts at £499.99