Weekender SurfboardThe Weekender designed for the fun of Surfing

A Weekend Warrior’s Funboard Surfboard blending performance with easy wave catching ability to give you a great Surfboard for the average Joe Surfer.


Weekender Surfboard Features

It’s difficult to keep up with the fitness and practice you need to end up Surfing that small shortboard sometimes, loads of keen Surfers out in the real world don’t get the chance to progress like they would so end up having to compromise on the Surfboard they ride. That’s why i designed the Weekender it’s for all the Weekend Warriors in the world who deserve a Surfboard that is easy but exciting to ride.

The Weekender is a simple Mid range Shortboard model with Shortboard style rails and Thruster fin setup, Single concave to V through the tail, it’s easy to handle for an intermediate Surfer while giving enough performance to help you progress further.

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7ft x 21″ x 2.8″ Weekender, Poly Innegra / construction

Custom Weekender Funboard sizes and Price

Sizes:      6ft10″ x 21″ x 2.7″  40ltr,  7ft x 21″ x 2.8″     43ltr,   7ft2″ x 21.5″ x 3″   47ltr,   7ft4″ x 22″ x 3″    50ltr

Waves :      Any from 2ft to 6ft

Surfer:        Intermediate

Construction: Poly, Innegra, EPS / Epoxy

Price from £399.99

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