Swallow Tail Fish SurfboardSwallow Tail Fish Shortboard Surfboard

If you are after a more Shortboard style fish surfboard then try one of my Swallow Tail Fish designs, great for smaller days and the summer months giving you a Shortboard style ride without any compromises. Fish Surfboards UK

As a Custom order Fish Surfboard i can create a Shortboard style Fish to suit your needs, Size and volume, Surfboard Shape, fin setup and artwork can be fully customized giving you many options for the Surfboard you want.I fully Hand shape these Fish Surfboards from a computer design plan i agree with the customer. Normally Single to Double concave bottom, Swallow Tail, Future or FCS11 fin setup either Thruster, Quad or both, available in Poly or Epoxy construction with either normal standard Aerialite fibreglass or Innegra Construction.

Price for a Custom order Swallow Tail Fish Starts at around £399.99 this does not include shipping