Hydrodynamic Planning hulls like the Mini Simmons Surfboards are a lot more versatile than people think, super fast and exciting to ride…

Mini Simmons

My newest Mini Simmons shape which features Future fin boxes instead of the glass on Keel fins, outstanding speed and responsiveness….

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Sea Monster Simmons Planning Hull

Available from 5ft4″ as a Mini Simmons right up to the 9ft Long Simmons version this hand shaped planning hull design is a  super fast and versatile board, huge wave count and skateboard feel under foot…..

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The Alaia ( Finless or nearly Finless)

This has been a game changer for myself, a modern version of a original Alaia. It rides and slides down the line, Unbelievable fun even on steeper days, it’s not easy but it’s worth the effort….Learn More

The Thing

Intermediate to advanced, Hybrid Simmons Hydrodynamic Twin fin, very fast and very performance orientated.

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