One of my favorite designs the Simmons is such a fun shape to ride it’s totally wind compared to your normal surfboard.

From the Mini Simmons to the Long Simmons i try to keep to the traditional design to create you a board that’s very exciting to ride, for more performance you may want to try the Thing not only does this surfboard skate along the wave face but it also holds in very steep surf…

Sea Monster Mini Simmons

My Classic Mini Simmons shape, everything you want from a hydro-planning board custom built to your spec..

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From 6ft6″ to 7ft6″ a mid Range Simmons surfboard Custom built to order.


Simmons Surfboards

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The Long Simmons

8ft plus this is a very fast and fun board to ride, Custom hand shaped to your spec this is a true glide machine.

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The Thing

Intermediate to advanced, Hybrid Simmons Hydrodynamic Twin fin, very fast and very performance orientated.Simmons Surfboards

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