Mid Length boards have made a big comeback in the last few years, this is not surprising i have always been a fan of these shapes and think they can be the ideal UK surfboard due to the volume for wave catching and the fact that most surfers are weekend warrior’s not getting to to surf that often due to other commitments. I also think these shapes work really well in our surf lets be honest it’s not always great surf in the UK. i have been hand shaping Mid length surfboards for decades now so i can pretty much Hand shape you whatever you need.

The Baseline

A performance Mid length with Hydro dynamic bottom contours, very fast and aggressive….

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The Wasp

I have been hand shaping the Wasp for over a decade now it’s a very reliable versatile Mid Length you can ride as a 2+1 on smaller days or Gun it as a quad fin on the bigger days.

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Mini Log

A  Mini Longboard shape witch is super fun to ride with the ability to get five toes on the nose this truly is a Mini Log.

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The Ocillator

Displaced hull with a wide point to the rear giving you maximum wave count and maneuverability a fantastic small to medium wave surfboard….Mid Range Single fin surfboards

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Never be outgunned on a big day with the ZULU….Learn more…

Custom One off Mid Length Surfboards, i can also design and build you a one off Mid length surfboard from £580.00 just message me  and i will send you a profile to look at. 07789764475