I have been shaping Mid Length surfboards for years, all sorts of Custom one off shapes, they are fun to ride and a perfect option for our UK waves.

Typically a mid length surfboard would be between 6ft10″ and 8ft depending on the shape and volume, i have a selection for you to choose from or i can design and build you a one off  Surfboard for your needs..If you would like an idea on how much a Custom designed Min Length Surfboard would cost please give me a call on 07789764475 typically a Single fin around 7ft6″ with resin tints and a polished finish would be around £499.99

The Egg

Smooth and fast this is my Egg shape which can be custom altered to fit your needs…

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The Wasp

A Fun Gun multi fin surfboard you can ride as a 1+2 when its mellow or a quad fin when it gets a bit serious….

Mid Length surfboards

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The Ocillator

Displaced hull with a wide point to the rear giving you maximum wave count and maneuverability a fantastic small to medium wave surfboard….Single fin surfboards UK

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Custom One off Mid Length Surfboards

I can help you design your own Single fin surfboard to your spec then hand shape it for you, a wide variety to choose from, Pintails, Squash tails, Fish Tails, Quad fins, Single fins all built specifically for you….