Shortboard Surfboards for the more advanced surfers, my shapes has been tried and tested over many years for performance and reliability..

The Atom

Super fast and fun Shortboard in all types of waves…Short stocky build and packed with volume available from 5ft6″ to 6ft6″great for summer groveler conditions..

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The Piper

As the name suggests this Shortboard is about hollow conditions, a great travel companion, no matter how steep it gets the Piper will hold the line..

Eco Construction Piper Shortboard

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The Bandit

My favorite the Bandit is a great all round Shortboard, everywhere i travel my Bandit goes with me it will surf anything from 2ft to way overhead..Shortboards

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The All Rounder

That standard performance shortboard that you can rely on whatever the condition’s also available as a round tail..Shortboards

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The Outlaw

Wide nose with a drawn out pintail that means loads of waves and loads of performance, a very popular North East shape ..

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