I am sure you will find a Shortboard to suit your requirements if not i could always design and build you a Custom one off to your spec..

The Piper

As the name suggests this Shortboard is about hollow conditions, a great travel companion, no matter how steep it gets the Piper will hold the line..

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The Bandit

My favorite Surfboard The Bandit is a great all round Shortboard, everywhere i travel my Bandit goes with me it will surf anything from 2ft to way overhead..

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The PX

My standard every day shortboard shape either order as a Squash tail, wide Squash tail or a round tail, simple design that works..

PX Shortboard Surfboard

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Wide nose with a drawn out pintail that means loads of waves and loads of performance, a great Surfboard for them days when its not perfect..

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The Pod is a beefed up version of the Bandit, slightly more volume with a little less rocker plus the wide diamond tail and 5 fin setup makes this a great little small wave surfboard..

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