I Shape Longboard Surfboards for all styles and Surfers from the Classic Log to the more performance Longboard or Glider.

The Drifter

Available as a Custom order from 8ft to 9ft the Drifter is a very versatile Longboard smooth and easy to ride, carves and turns with ease while it still has enough hold for your toes on the nose. Lighter and more nimble than a Log the Drifter is fun in all sorts of wave conditions…

Longboard Surfboards UK

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The Classic log

A classic Log for trimming and nose riding with a 3 staged rocker for stability, solid under foot while you learn to walk the board, classic board walking and drop knee turns available from 9ft to 10ft..Longboards UK

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The Hound Dog

A blend of the Classic Log and performance Longboard with a more full rocker line through the Pintail gives this Longboard noseriding capability as well as easier turning ability, a great all round shape for the surfer who wants a Longboard for every day use…

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The Glider

Refined template with a smooth ride down the line or something to ride in the bigger surf..

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Custom one off Longboards

Give me a call to discuss your next Longboard you can have a Custom one off board shaped buy hand in the UK


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