The Flat Fish is a Hybrid Blend between Shortboard and performance Fish giving you a Surfboard that can handle anything you would like to through it’s way..

The Falt Fish Surfboard

The Flat Fish takes it’s name from the fish tail shaped channel that runs through the end section of the surfboard this has a few benefits, it reduces drag by allowing the water to flow off the tail faster and smoother while the shape of the channel allows the water to escape to the rails when the board is turning = quicker turns and more speed. The front half of the Surfboard is taken from the old Dyamteo Shortboard i used to produce which was originally designed to be a grovely shortboard, the tail is a re-design of a performance Thruster Fish, together you get a Hybrid Shortboard or Fish which can handle either beach or reef breaks.

The Flat Fish Surfboard Features

Bottom contours are Single concave blending into the Fish tail channel, rails are shortboard shape and the volume of the board is evenly distributed for easy handling, this is and easy surfboard to ride it catches waves early and can handle a decent heavy drop, Fin setup is Future or FCS11 Twin with a Trailer and yes you can ride it with a set of thruster fins. Custom sizes are available from 5ft10″ to 6ft6″, construction is hand shaped either PU or EPS Blank, PU or Epoxy skin or the new Eco vacuum bagged hemp construction pictured below.

Hemp Fish Surfboards

Price for a Custom order Flat Fish Surfboard starts at £459.99 this includes a PU Surfboard in Matt finish, Future fin setup with a set of Thermatech T1 Future twin and trailer fins, price does not include delivery.