The Bigus Fishus is a huge Twin or Quad fin Fish Surfboard, a super glider with up to 65ltrs of volume….

Fish Surfboards UK, Bigus FishusI was a skeptic at first when Peter wanted me to design and build a huge Fish Surfboard i thought i’ll give it a go but to be fair i wasn’t sure how such a large Fish would surf. To my delight i have to report that Peter is flying on this beast coping with small to overhead waves easily, all i can say is you never stop learning in this game and i want one!

8ft Fish Surfboard

Bigus Fishus Fish Surfboard Description

A monster Fish with monster dimensions, unbelievable wave count with surprising performance for such a large surfboard. As the name suggests this is a beast of a Board with volume to suit a noseriding longboard, it’s designed to surf in all sizes of waves from 1ft to overhead with a single to double concave and a deep butt crack the Bigus Fishus can catch waves really early while then cruise and carve the face at speed. With volume up to 65ltrs you would think that this huge Fish would be hard to handle but it seems to glide from rail to rail and handle steep sections with ease on an open faced wave it is a joy to watch.

Fish Surfboard Dimensions and Custom Price

The Bigus Fishus would suit any Surfer from Beginner to Advanced as long as you have grasped the basics of Surfing.

Custom Sizes are available from 6ft10″ to 8ft 4″ in length designed especially for you some examples are.

7ft2″ x 22.2″ x 3″    53ltr

8ft x 23″ x 3″          62ltr

8ft4″ x 23.2″ x 3″    65ltr

Fin setup is either Twin Keel fin or Quad fin, Future fin boxes.

Construction is either PU or as shown PU blank with Supersap Eoxy carbon wrap.

Priced From £500

Board as shown 8ft4″ x 23.2″ x 3″ 65ltr Supersap Epoxy/ carbon wrap with Keel fins £600 plus delivery

Big Fish Surfboards, the Bigus Fishus