The Weemal Surfboard a super fun little Minimal Shape.

Very popular amongst North East Surfers, take your learning to the next level!

Minimals, The WeemalWeemal Design

Smaller than a Standard Minimal but still packing a decent amount of volume the Weemal takes learning to Surf to the next level. The whole idea about this Surfboard is to give you a more agile and maneuverable surfboard to learn on, or a Fun Surfboard for the more competent surfer. As far as design goes the Weemal is simple, it’s a condensed minimal shape with a slightly wider hip and tail that produces a bit extra lift this allows for maximum wave count and the ability to turn and trim with a lot less effort than a standard minimal. The wide square tail gives you bite on the turn while the rolled V through the tail allows smooth rail to rail turns. The nose is hulled, very similar to the Squad with a nose hull that will forgive your mistakes and allow you time to correct yourself. The belly of the Weemal is flat and fast this little learner surfboard can fly and be super fun in all sorts of different conditions.

Weemal Spec and sizes

Surfer;  Aimed at a learner surfer but fun for everyone.

Waves:  Any, Reefs, Beaches all waves up to about 6ft +

Sizes: Available as a Custom hand shaped surfboard from 6ft6″ to 7ft2″ please ask for advice on sizes and size can depend on ability.

6ft8″ x 21″ x 2 3/4″ approx 46ltr

7ft x 21 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ approx 49ltr

Price starts at £459.99 .