The Super Kook is a great step down from a Minimal it performs just like a Shortboard but a little softer and easier to handle…

Fine tune your surfing without loosing your wave count…..I get asked all the time by beginner surfers to make the wrong type of surfboard, i,m afraid when you first start out your not going to be able to handle a shortboard or anything that is to small for your ability but you may be able to handle a Super Kook. It is designed for the beginner to intermediate surfer, while resembling a shortboard surfboard don,t be fooled it has loads of  volume plus the stability and easy wave catching ability of a Minimal.Learner surfboardsSuper Kook Surfboard Features

The Super Kook has all the aspects of a modern day shortboard beefed up and softened for a much easier ride, Lots of volume and a wide hip = wave catching is so easy witch is exactly what you need when starting out. Deep single to double concave for lots a speed and drive so you can really learn to power the board down the line. Rails are shortboard but beefed up to forgive your mistakes and the nose is pointed unlike a Minimal to help you learn to Duck Dive.

Surfboard Sizes and Super Kook Price

6ft 10″ x 22″ x 3″     46ltr     7ft x 22″ x 3″           48ltr      7ft2 x 22″ x 3″         49ltr      7ft4″ x 22″ x 3″       50ltr

Of course these sizes are just for reference i can customize the Super Kook to you spec.

Price starts at £499.99 plus shipping, Future fin thruster setup,

Super Kook for sale at ND Surf Store click the link to check it out