The Voyager Longboard

Simple, elegant and smooth the Voyager is a Classic shape Longboard but not a huge Log of a Noserider usually around 9ft in length, It’s easy to handle and a favorite with the Lady Surfers due to it’s slimmer profile.  A wide hip with Square tail means loads of waves and float on the turns while the nice concave wide nose can hold your toes on the nose.Noserider Laongboards, Custom Longboards

A Single fin is all you need for this Longboard it’s smooth and glides along the line while rail to rail turns are effortless due to the nice Hulled V through the tail. The rocker is more natural than a 3 stage with just a subtle flat section through he belly to help with your footwork as you head for the nose.

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Price for a Custom Voyager Longboard start at £639.99