The Wahoo Fish model is new to the surfboard line up…

Fast and fun, everything you want from a modern fish surfboard. I altered a classic fish profile to meet more modern requirements with a slightly narrower nose and the double diamond or Split arc tail taken from my old Lunastic surfboard the rails and the fin setup are more shortboard for a more responsive feel.

I went with the modern 5 fin setup Tri / Quad so you can have a few fin options for different surf conditions i prefer the Quad fin setup it flys. Single to double concave, plenty of hidden volume in the deck and the wide hips on the tail give an excellent wave count while the tail shortens the rail line so this thing turns on a dime.

Custom sizes are available from 5ft6″ to 6ft8″

The Wahoo suits an intermediate surfer in waves from 2ft to overhead, it”s a very easy board to ride in all sort of conditions I’m loving my 6ft4″ @43ltrs it’s a bit bigger than what i would normally ride but feels fast and loose under foot.

Prices start at around £489.99 plus shipping for FCS11 setup with a set of Quad fins.