Traditional Simmons Mid-Length Surfboard

Simmons Surfboards

The Simmons or Mini Simmons has always been one of my favorite Surfboards to ride

The feel and speed of these surfboards can make the most average day seem like fun but over the years i have been starting to struggle with the short Mini Simmons boards i usually ride ( none of us are getting any younger right) so i have been working on a MId Range version for quite some time now, you can’t just make a bigger version of the shorter Mini Simmons it has to be tweaked in order to give the same light skaty feel  while being a much bigger and heavier board and I’m not going to lie it has taken quite a while to get here.

Mid-Length Simmons Features and Ride quality

I decided to keep as much as i could to the most traditional style of Simmons i could after all this is the board i love to ride and it works very well. The Mid Simmons would be fine to custom order from 6ft6″ to 7ft6″ the board shown is 7ft x 23″ x 3″ 54ltrs it has a slight Squash tail, deep single concave for 2/3rds of the bottom, hulled nose with a slight S deck and typical Simmons rails. I fit these boards with the hand shaped Simmons keel fins this is a template i have used for many years and they work perfectly with this shape to deliver maximum speed and maneuverability, i hand shape them myself to suit each board individually. The Rocker is flat through the center with a very slight tail rocker and low nose rocker this gives you a very fast ride and a quick high takeoff.  Simmons On to the ride quality of the Simmons, well when you look at these boards most surfers just don’t get the design they look at the flat wide outline and make the assumption that it will be slow and hard to turn this could not be further from the truth. The Simmons design creates a hydrodynamic lift which rides the board on the surface of the water rather than in the wave like most conventional surfboards, the Simmons keel fins are only 2″ off the wide tail and almost set straight which in it’s self looks totally out of place until you ride one then you discover that this whole design works together to create a unique ride quality of it’s own. In all this larger Simmons really does feel just as good as a Mini Simmons the lift makes the board feel light and fast while the extra size and volume make it such an easy board to catch waves on, due to the slight S deck and thinned out nose it’s actually very easy to duck dive as well which was a concern of mine while designing it.

Due to the size, Rocker and shape of this Board i have to use a much larger Blank to shape it so the price reflects the cost of the extra materials involved.

A Custom order Mid Range Simmons Price starts at £589.99