The Long Simmons my take on the Bob Simmons Classic

Effortless wave catching this board Glides down the line sitting snug in the pocket it goes like a Rocket.

The Long Simmons can be hand shaped from 8-9ft and comes with a set of hand shaped glass on Simmons keel fins as standard. This board is very flat through the center with a light kick in the tail and a hulled low rocker nose it sticks to the traditional simmons spec as close as i can get it. Thin rails with a V belly and long channel concave from under your chest.

The foil is thinned out through the nose with a light S deck this keeps the control of the board under your feet and allows you to turn the board from the tail with ease, surprisingly maneuverable and quick you can really surf this board in some serious waves, it’s been a very fun shape for me this summer making the average day seem so much better.

Due to the size of the blank i have to use to shape one of these Long Simmons boards the price is starting at £699.99 and they can not be shipped due to the large glass on  keel fins.  Please give me a call if you would like to talk some more about this board 07789764475

Picture below shoes me surfing my Long Simmons at a local spot over the Summer.