The Weemal is an alternative shape to the Minimal, super fun and loads of volume for the leaner surfer, ideal in slimmer sizes for the Grom.

This shape has become very popular especially with the young surfers, over the last few years since the new shape Weemal come out i have helped loads of young beginner surfers progress towards shorter more performance boards. The extra features and the way the Weemal rides more like a shortboard seems to really help fast track young surfers very quickly compared to a Minimal.

A more progressive outline and bottom contours giving you the same wave count but offering to take your surfing a bit further than a standard Minimal. As you can see the shape has a much more pointed nose to help the rider learn to duck dive the board, we have retained the wide hipped square tail for maximum take off and float to ensure you can make the most of even sloppy conditions. We have also introduced a single to double concave and more performance in the rails this is to help the rider progress that little further and give more stability on the wave face.

The New Weemal comes with a standard Future thruster fin setup but can be ordered with Thruster and Quad fin in either Future of FCS11 fin boxes but as a learner surfboard i do recommend the future fins. Sizes start from 6ft8″ to 7ft4″ a typical 7ft x 22″ x 3″ is 50ltrs some typical sizes are.

6ft8″ x 21″ x 2.8″  44ltrs    7ft x 22″ x 3″   51ltrs    7ft4″ x 22″ x 3″  53.5ltrs all sizes can be customized to suit the rider.beginner surfboards uk Note all Northern Dawn learner surfboards are built with above standard fibreglass and heavier glassing to ensure a long life span. Price for a Weemal starts at £499.99 plain white future thruster fin setup, comes with a set of future fins.