The Eleventh Hour Mid Length Twin Fin…

OK so i am a little late to the Twin Pin Party and maybe that’s why i named the board the Eleventh hour but that’s because i like to take my time. Designing a totally new unique shape can be very time consuming but it was worth it, here i bring you a board that i literally can’t stop riding….Not strictly a Twin pin due to the more rounded pin tail  but none the less this board encapsulates everything you would want from a performance Mid Length twin fin. The tail design is to make the board create a lot more lift between the fins this makes it a lot more user friendly in more day to day surf.As a mid length this board can be hand shaped to your spec between 6ft8″ to 7ft6″. The outline of the Eleventh hour is less curved due to the fuller nose design and width in the hips,together with the rear foil this gives a very fast and maneuverable feel. The bottom has a flat section shaped into the rocker in front of the rear allowing for a great early take off and speed over any flat wave sections. The contours go from hulled to a Hydrodynamic hulled from just under the belly to out of the tail..The Eleventh Hour comes a either the slight squared off tail or a rounded pintail version it’s been tested fully in everyday surf to some very decent overhead surf and to be fair i just can’t seem to put this board down it so easily picks up waves and  performs effortless turns while the speed down the line is intense.The Board shown is a 7ft if you want any info on a particular custom size just message and i will sort you out a profile, sizes are approximate as this is a hand shaped model. Price for a Custom Eleventh Hour starts at  £540.00 this includes your Twin fins but not shipping

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