Maximum Velocity down the line, this performance Mid Length has Hydro dynamic bottom contours that increase lift and drive blending an old template with a more modern feel.

The first thing you will notice is the fast looking stream line pin tail template that i have used for the Baseline , together with a generous amount of rocker you can be sure this Mid length will be able to handle the steep takeoffs you crave at your local Reef. Out this together with the new Hydro dynamic bottom contours which are Planning Hull to Hydro Hull through the tail, what you get is a board that can deliver some fast aggressive speed but loose enough for you to turn right in the pocket of a steep wave without any loss of momentum. The Rails are slightly pinched and thin through the tail and the nose is nice and thin for deep duck dives in heavy surf, the Baseline comes glassed in 6oz bottom, 6+4oz top deck for strength when you need it.Available as a Single fin with Quad fin setup or a Ti/Quad fin setup. You can ride as a single, Quad Thruster or 2+1 depending on the break you are surfing that day, or you can also order the Baseline as a 5 fin Tri/Quad fin setup board in either Future or FCS11 fin boxes. The Baseline comes in Custom sizes from 6ft6″ to 7ft6″ as a hand shaped surfboard it is quite hard to give you an accurate measurement in ltrs but the 7ft x 21″ x 3″ comes out at about 47ltrs, a custom profile with size and ltrs will be sent to you when you decide what size board you are after. The Price for a Custom Baseline Mid length starts at £540 plus shipping Check whats in stock at ND SURF STORE