The New Squad II reshaped for 2023. A sleek new profile with a more performance planning hull design…

Hybrid Simmons Surfboard

The older Squad was definitely one of my all time favorite surfboards and i have mulled over weather i should re design it but i think you have to move forward with your designs and not stay in one place. So i set about making the Squad a more sleeker performance surfboard board with a more pointed nose which is better for duck diving and the new version has a Planning hull instead of the flat hull the older version had. The new version still has the hulled nose and hulled V tail that allows for such a great ride but it also has the planning hull running through the belly which give you amazing speed and lift this has allowed me to trim the Squad down as far as volume but retain the same wave catching ability as the old Squad while also improving the overall ride quality and versatility of the surfboard.Planning Hull Surfboard

The New Squad II is still available in the multi fin setup either 5 fin Tri/Quad or Single fin with Quad fin it still has the amazing Arc tail that allows turns on the spot in fact it still retains a lot of the older model as it was such a successful surfboard it would be stupid to ruin it. Available still as a hand shaped custom board only from 5ft6″ to 6ft8″ . The Squad II is an amazing surfboard with more bite and a more conventional feel then the older board it rides great as a Quad fin or thruster and is super fun as a Stubby single fin on small waves. It”s a super fun a very versatile surfboard to ride i all sorts of waves.

Although this is a Hand shaped surfboard design i can give you an Approximate volume 5ft10″ x 20.5″ x 2 3/4″  36ltrs    6ft4″ x 21″ x 2 7/8″    42ltrs   and 6ft8″ x 22″ x 3″   50ltrs these are approximate sizes so if you need to talk to me give me a call.

Price for a Custom Squad II starts at £499.99 plus shipping this includes a set of Future Quad or thruster fins, Price for FCSII fin boxes with thruster fins is and extra £30