Start your Grom off early learning to Walk the board, Ten small toes on the nose….

Kids Longboard SurfboardA full on Longboard designed for the Kids to learn all the Longboarder skills, custom sized to your child s needs, This is a proper Longboard not just a minimal the shape is taken from the Drifter model with a wider Diamond tail for extra stability and noseriding. The Grom Longboard is an absolute joy to glide it’s smooth and turns easily and light under your feet with enough stability¬† for your child to learn to Walk the board and ride the Nose.The Board pictured is a 7ft6″ @52ltrs this means even an Adult can ride this board so when your kids away you can play. Rides great as either a single fin or 2+1, Nose concave, hulled bottom, lovely pinched rails, i keep pinching this board off my kids for smaller wave fun it’s great.Please contact me for more info and a Custom size profile for your child, Price starts at ¬£470.00