It’s been a long hard learning curve but well worth the effort. I am totally addicted to riding my Alaia Surfboard….

Alaia Surfboard I have always been fascinated with how the Hawiians surfed over the centuries, i was looking for a new challenge as I’m now in my  mid 50s  and surfed nearly every sort of Surfboard shape over the years but never an Alaia. The thought of riding a slim wooden Alaia board just did not appeal to me due to my age and the fact I’m not a small man. However having come across an Alaia design very similar to the original Hawiian design i set about enlarging the shape to fit my needs and knowing how difficult this might be i also added Fin boxes to the tail in order to use some stubby side bytes for a little assistance.I am actually astounded at how this board rides i didn’t go down the route of making it to small as i really wanted a wave catching machine so the size i chose was 6ft4″ @50ltrs. This does not feel to big in fact when riding it feels small and light under foot and i am so pleased i went for this size as it is so much fun. The fun this board produces is mind blowing, the feel of freedom on the wave face is very addictive and to be honest i have barely picked up a normal finned board since. Unbelievable wave catching even in some pretty steep conditions which surprised me, the fastest board i have ever been on by far and super fun. Sideways slides down the wave face while the board hooks itself right into the sweet spot of the wave, i will not lie it was not an easy board to ride at first it takes time and patience to start to master but ounce you start to get some good ride you’re completely hooked.The Nearly finless Alaia features a Planning hull design taken straight from an original Alaia it comes in EPS construction 6/4 oz fibreglass with Future Twin fin setup so you can either ride as a stubby twin or go for the finless option.

The board featured is 6ft4″ x 22″ x 2.7″  50ltrs available as a custom order cut to your size.. Give me a call to discuss sizes: 07789764475

Price starts at £580.00 plus shipping