Following on the success of the Cooly Weirdy i decided to stretch the shape into a Long Fish Surfboard design for speed and and trim and boy does this deliver….

The Cooly Long Fish is designed to trim at speed and maximize your wave catching ability, it’s a bit like a step up fish which works well even in bigger chunky surf.Long Fish SurfboardIt’s sleek in shape and designed for speed down the line, it gets you into the wave early and can take a solid drop because of the performance rocker, the Quad fin setup gives you maximum hold and drive while the unique foil of this board allows you to ride it from rail to rail even on a steep face.Fish SurfboardThe way this Fish is designed is it isn’t heavy on the volume especially in the nose which means you can duck dive this Big Fish easily while the deep butt crack feels like a pintail from rail to rail. Bottom contours are single to double with a V in the fish tail, Quad fin setup is ideal on this board due to the size. The whole board is designed to go further than a normal Fish can use it on the reefs or hollow beach breaks it should work very well.Long Fish Surfboard profileYou can Custom order the Cooly Long Fish from 7ft2″ to 7ft10″ just message me or give me a call: 07789764475

Prices for a Custom Long Fish start at £590.00 plus shipping