A true Mini Longboard that’s very fun to ride, Great alternative Mid Length for every day surf ….Mini Longboard Surfboard

This is a super fun shape to ride it catches waves easily and has great stability for a small Log shape, the ride quality is smooth and fun with lots of potential for the surfer wanting to progress from a bigger board. At 7ft and 51.5ltrs this little beast packs a punch the lovely V bottom glides from rail to rails with a fast loose ride, while you can still step forward for five toes on the nose fun. This truly is and feels like a longboard only it’s not it’s compact and small enough to fit in any car. The Mini Log features a nose concave to a rolled V botton¬† and a nice fat Pintail with 1+2 fin setup, evenly foiled it has plenty of hidden volume and catches waves easily. It comes with a heavy longboard glass job so you can roam up and down the deck while riding. It handles small to head high surf and as long as you have a bit of a solid wave you can go for the nose.

The board here is a 7ft x 21″ x 3″ @51.5ltrs Custom orders are avalable from 6ft10″ to 7ft4″ also width and thickness can be adjusted to suit. 07789764475

Price for a Mini Log starts at £580.00 plus shipping