If you are looking for a longer surfboard but you want something that can also handle some bigger steeper waves then the Zulu could be for you…

Zulu LongboardAs you can see the Zulu profile is designed to glide at speed, it’s capable of taking on some very decent heavy waves with a thinned down pointed nose that you can duck dive and a drawn out pintail that fits perfectly into the critical section of the wave. It’s a slim board at only 21″ with quite slim rails and overall low in volume but a very fast paddler. The Zulu takes off smoothly on the wave even on steeper sets it’s easy to turn and it is fast down the line.Ride the Zulu in 2ft to overhead waves on smaller days use it as a 2+1 then on big thumping days put the Quad fins in for stability. The bottom contours are hulled to V with a very slight double concave in the tail to feed the Quad fins. The ride quality is fast, smooth and loose off the tail it loves to be right in the pocket of the wave and gives you a real sense of security on a big wave. Ride the ZULU anywhere it is a very versatile board in all sorts of conditions, waves from 2ft to way overhead. Sizes are available for Custom order from 8ft-9ft. The ZULU is designed for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Price for a Custom ZULU starts at £649.99