I have been Building Surfboards up here in the North East for many years now, it’s a passion i have and job i love.

Hi my name is Steve Parks and i founded Northern Dawn many years ago now, always keen to experiment with new Surfboard Shapes and the latest manufacturing techniques i feel i bring a fresh new feel to the Surfboards i produce. Hemp Fish Surfboards

The Name Northern Dawn Surfboards encapsulates how i feel as i wake to a new fresh day, the upcoming eagerness of what the day may bring ( Hopefully waves ).

As a small Fish i a very big ocean ND Surfboards continues to focus on the Custom order side of Surfboard shaping rather than try and compete with the larger companies i give the customer a more one to one design, build and sales experience. At the back of my mind is the phrase we are all different and so need different things form our Surfboard and that is why i am willing to take that little extra time over your order.Hand shaped Mini Simmons

Surfboards and Services

OK so let me first say that the Surfboards i have featured on this site are only a small fraction of the shapes that i have designed and built for Surfers all over the UK, these are the more popular boards.

The main Surfboard shapes come in categories:

Minimals for the learner surfer

Longboards from beginner to advanced

Shortboards which can be either standard or Hybrid in design

Fish and Mini Simmons Surfboards

Each shape can be broken down into sub categories to suit your experience and were you will be surfing your new Board, i can build you a plain white fibreglass board, ad some resin artwork or build you a Board using some of the newest construction techniques.

We are located not far off the A1 in Chester le street click the link below for google maps https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=northeastsurfboards.co.uk&hl=en&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=7.453303,21.621094&hq=northeastsurfboards.co.uk&t=m&z=6

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