Experimenting with Dyed Hemp Cloth construction for our new colored Eco Surfboards

So Hemp is cool, it’s strong with a unique flex and has a really natural look to it but what if your not keen on the look, can it be altered, can an Eco friendly Surfboard look as cool as a modern Shortboard? This is the question i have been trying to answer and below you will see the results…Hemp Fish SurfboardsThis is an Eco Friendly Hemp Surfboard built using an EPS stringerless blank, hand shaped then glassed with Dyed hemp cloth and a carbon stringer, the result as you can see is pretty stunning and surfs as good as any modern Surfboard construction on the market. The construction process took me from the shaping bay into the kitchen, i purchased some natural Eco friendly dye from the Hemp supplier and dyed the Hemp cloth in the washing machine, a tip for anyone trying this is the hemp fibers tighten and shrink so use at least 6″ more cloth to cope with the shrinkage after it’s washed, then lots of ironing ( i never thought my surfboard construction would end up in the kitchen washing and ironing ). The Hemp was glassed to the EPS using a vacuum bagging technique this keep the weight of the board to a minimum while producing a strong buoyant build.Eco Surfboards, Hemp Fish SurfboardIn keeping with the Eco Friendly theme i also added an exposed Cork deck for traction eliminating the use of any surf wax, the cork gives a very good feel to the deck soft under your chest while being very grippy once it gets wet. So as you can see it looks very cool with a vibrant colour  that will last, it has a unique look that gets noticed. As for the ride quality well it’s as good as any i have built, light and buoyant it catches waves easily, a strong flex and smooth feel i can’ wait to get it back in the water.New Hemp Surfboard