The Egg style Mid Length Surfboard is making a comeback these days i think Surfers are realizing the benefits of the extra foam under foot without having to compromise on performance.

6ft8″ Egg profile

In fact the Egg shape surfboard is a very versatile design that i can alter to suit your surfing the size and even the profile can be altered to suit your level of surfing or the waves you want to ride.

I feel this type of surfboard is wildly underrated especially in the UK the Pintail design fits really well with our surf breaks  making the Egg a very quick and maneuverable mid length surfboard, the extra volume also helps especially if you don’t surf that often.

Sizes for the Egg shape start at 6ft8″ and go up to 8ft after that your starting to look at something else, fin setups can be single, 1+2 or Quad + single the bottom contours are hulled nose to a V belly right out of the tail, rails are a little fatter than a traditional egg surfboard to hold a little more volume through the board.

Give me a call to discuss options for your Egg 07789764475

Price starts at £499.99 plus shipping