Keel Fin Fish Surfboards Hand shaped to your spec.

Hemp Surfboards, Fish Surfboard

Eco Surfboard Construction. Hand Shaped Keel Fin Fish Surfboard glassed in Hemp Cloth and Eco Resin.

Fully Hand Crafted from Scratch our very popular Keel Fin Fish Surfboard is a Great addition to your Quiver, it’s fast and fun to ride and fully customized to your spec…Twin Fin Fish Surfboard glassed in Hemp cloth

Wide Template with a deep Fish But, hulled nose to a flat belly leading to a single channeled concave through the tail, my Keel Fish can come as a Twin Fin or Quad fin, it can be flatter for more fun or more performance can be added for steeper waves. Available from 5ft6″ to 6ft10″ with options on construction and artwork.Fish Surfboards UK

Price for a Keel fin Fish Surfboard Starts at £499.99 this includes a set of either Future or FCS11 keel Fins, price does not include delivery.