Better for the Planet! With all the new technology available the new resins and cloths i have decided to venture into producing Surfboards witch are more Eco Friendly. Using new Plant based Epoxy resins,100% recycled EPS core blanks and wrapped in Hemp Cloth i intend to create a better for the Planet brand..Hemp SurfboardsI have already produced the first this Round Robin Funboard witch is being tested right now and will be rolled out very soon then the next Eco Surfboard will be the Ocillator designed with the Hemp Construction in mind, both New Eco Surfboards will be available to order soon and available in a variety of sizes and styes..Hemp Surfboards, OcillatorEco Surfboard design

Keep checking our updates to find out how these new Eco Surfboards are coming along, we are very excited about this new venture and hope you are to, lets start to make things a bit better for the Planet….07789764475