Eco Surfboards, Hemp and Cork constructionWow i’m having a great time testing some of the new Single fin Surfboards out, but the new shape Ocillator glassed in Eco Hemp construction with a Cork deck is unbelievable.

As surfboard shapes go it’s a very simple Hull design with pinch rails which seems to be able to handle small or large surf easily, i would say what makes this board special is the way it’s constructed. Hand shaped high density EPS, vacuum bagged Hemp skin with a exposed Cork deck for traction. First off you get a lot more buoyancy from this type of construction Hemp Surfboards UKwhich leads to a lot more waves, then you have the unique flex and pop of the hemp which seems to suit a midrange single fin surfboard really well, last is it’s very tough as i found out when i come up against some rocks while paddling out to a reef the other day, we all know that feeling when the wave drops back and you feel the unexpected clump off the bottom i was pleased to find out that it came off with not a scratch, FEEEWW….

So the Hemp being Vacuum bagged is the key, it’s a light and tough Surfboard with a very pleasant to Surf feel, the Cork deck feels amazing even under your chest in fact the whole Board seems to feel very natural to Surf, Eco Surfboards are a big tick!

I would like to sum this up by saying that while i love this type of surfboard construction it has to be the right board, Hemp seems to be suited to mid range surfboards up to about 8ft after that i’m not sure the flex could be a bit much on a Longboard, anything below say mid range like a shortboard  especially with thruster fin setup would be more suited to Innegra which has a more aggressive flex.

Hemp Surfboards UKI can safely say this is a step in the right direction, if you have not thought about this type of construction before then try one out, i bet you are really surprised at how well it surfs….