This year i have been re-visiting a few of my popular surfboard shapes and giving them a slight tweak..

Shortboards UK, The BanditFirst up is the new Thumb tail Bandit Shortboard

More rocker were it’s needed, of course the new Thumb tail which is really impressive and a slight alteration of the bottom contours, i though the older version was good but this Surfboard now feels perfect especially if like me you are a bit on the large size for a shortboard, i can now give you a custom Bandit with a bit more volume and stability while keeping the fast performance aspects. This is a Surfboard i always carry in the van it’s so versatile in so many conditions.

Shortboard Surfboards, The PodNext is the new Pod Shortboard

You will notice straight away i have altered the tail to a arced diamond to suit the added quad fin setup, i have also slightly pulled in the nose to give it a more shortboard feel and ride, as a quad fin this new Pod is really fun to ride and will be a one to beat this summer.