Wow Mid Length Surfboards are making a comeback….

It’s no surprise to me that the Mid Length has re-appeared on the surf scene the truth is it never went away. Most small local UK  Surfboard Shapers have been producing quality Mid Range boards all the time in fact i would say it,s the bread and butter of this industry. Being a smaller business people like myself can’t compete with the larger companies spending a fortune on advertising so we tend to stay out of the Shortboard arena and concentrate on the Mid range sized surfboards.

Mid Length Egg

A Mid Length typically is around the 7ft to 8ft in length for me but this all depends on your ability or size, to me the thing that makes a surfboard in this category is the shape and ride quality. A typical Mid Length would be something like the Egg with the drawn out pintail, 1=2 fin setup and the  Hulled bottom to give the board a gliding rail to rail feel.

I have loved these type of surfboards for many years they are ideal for the conditions we suffer int eh North East of the UK, I have a few shapes on this site but a lot of the boards i make are one off builds  so feel free to ask for a profile if you are thinking of a Mid Length surfboard.