WOW! The Long Simmons Surfboard has really surprised me in fact i can safely say I’m shocked at how good it is…

I fell in love with the Simmons or Mini Simmons design in particular very early on in my surfing venture, as a big surfer back in the day you were limited to what shape surfboard you could get your feet onto so to me the Mini Simmons provided the extra foam and lift i needed on a shorter board.

Long Simmons SurfboardNow later on in life i find it a struggle to ride my usual 5ft6″ Mini Simmons so i decided to try my hand at a few longer Simmons designs first the Mid Simmons at 7ft then onto the Long Simmons at 8ft4″that’s the one pictured above. I must say as long as you keep true enough to the original design of these shapes they are incredible.I will admit that the Long Simmons pictured above took me a few surfs to get used to the way it rides, because of the length i could not stop wanting to walk the board and kept stalling and pearling the nose but after a few surfs it all clicked into place. The speed is incredible, the fun factor is off the scale and the wave count is easily double that of a normal board. The appearance might make you think that this board would not want to handle anything steep but i find myself going for just as steep takeoffs as if i was on my favorite shortboard. So to sum up thew Long Simmons it’s basically put a massive smile on my 53 year old face and that takes so doing…..